Wing spol. s r.o. is a company based in Partizanske focused on IT technology. Our business is a development, integration, sale and implementation of complex software solutions using the latest trends and technologies. Integration of CAD/CAM, ERP systems (IS) and web applications is a characteristic feature of our products and solutions that have already some interesting applications in different industries and healthcare. Using of Open Source platforms in addition makes our products affordable also for small and medium companies.

Our Products:




The unique solution of a complex information system. It combines many years of experience coming from our contacts with our customers. Looking for a solution tailored for you?
Want to save more than 50% in comparison with competing systems?

The integrated information system about a single product designed for customers in the footwear industry. Package of graphic and database programs that allow to analyse a quality-cost ratio.
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The concept of this software package is designed to meet the needs and requirements both for the B2C (business to customer-end user) and B2B (business to business-between trading partners) activities.
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The most comprehensive implementations have been successfully introduced in HVAC industry. The solution of the system is based on 100% integration of CAD(2D/3D) and IS with a combination of a barcode and touch screen technology.
It allows to design a pipe/duct in CAD (HVAC project), automatic evaluation, customer offer processing and visualization of project parts just in production or already delivered to the customer.
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2D/3D CAD system developed in close collaboration with shoe manufacturers and factories to meet all their requirements mainly in a footwear and leather processing industry.
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Our offer to develop SW:

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